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A senior cheerleader is at the peak of her high school career being the captain of the cheer squad and dating the star quarterback of the football team when unexpectedly her family is forced to endure the struggles of being relocated to a somewhat ghetto area.

Not being able to fit in, Brittany will have to make a choice, whether to hold on to her old life or give in to her new one?

Katie (Lucy Hale) and Sara (Phoebe Strole) have been friends since childhood.

One training to be a doctor and the other training to be a dancer? Plus, it was a great introduction to 2000s Mandy Moore . Shout out to baby Emma Roberts and pre-2015 smokeshow Jojo.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see them act as a couple that much so we can't really judge their compatibility. We would love to hear your thoughts, as long as those thoughts don't include swearing at us.

And even Sam says herself in the end she was open to dating new dudes in college. Troy and Gabriella, This couple has every quintessential teen movie stereotype going for them; they are from different worlds, one is popular, one is the new kid, they sing and dance, they stay together in the end, etc. This movie gave us unrealistic expectations for life.

She decides to have a sleepover inviting 3 friends over, the redhead, the blonde and the fat chick thrown in to somehow give confidence to all the other fat chicks out there that they can get guys too, albeit chubby ugly guys while the skinny girls get the male models.

The next minute the popular girl (who wont hook up with her high school aged boyfriend - i thought the whole point to having a boyfriend was so you could hook up with him but whatever) is organising a scavenger hunt and as you can imagine, hijinks ensue.

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